It's my Wedding Planning Bio!

I love looking through other people's bio's to get ideas and inspiration, so I took time to make my own!

I started collecting these pics way before I thought I'd need to give anyone credit, so if I've got pics that belong to you, please don't hesitate to page me on the Hudson Valley or Sept 2011 board.  I will be sure to credit you or remove the picture.

About Us

My name is Stacy and my fiance is Danny.  We're getting married on September 30th, 2011!  We're from New Jersey, but decided to switch things up and get married just over the border into New York State. 

Our Furbaby

Dory is our pup! We're both obsessed with her, especially her messy little mane. She's half Jack Russell Terrier, half Maltese/Yorkie--that's where she gets that unique mutt appearance.